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Custom Kapota

From vintage to contemporary, the diverse ranges of beautiful kapotas that Sartoria Sacho has to offer are available to suit all style preferences. The fabric is carefully selected and cut, with a focus on quality and durability. We've sourced the finest wool and silk available, with a meticulous attention to detail. If you're looking for a new kapota that's well tailored, made with quality materials and lovingly crafted; this is the place for you.

What to Expect When you Visit Our Made-To-Measure Showroom

Choose your style

It all starts with the right fit and fabric from some of the world’s best mills.

Customise the details

Choose from dozens of different styling options for a look that’s uniquely yours.

Get measured by an expert

Our instore experts ensure you get the best fitting suit you’ve ever owned.

Pick it up in 25 business days

Cutting-edge tech and tailoring expertise come together to create your kapota – fast.

Only the best Italian Wool and Silk

Wool is breathable, absorbent and is comfortable next to the skin. The natural crimp of merino wool fibers promotes entrapment of air between the wool fibers, acting as an insulator against both hot and cold temperatures. Each fiber can absorb up to one third of its own weight in moisture without feeling clammy or wet to the touch. Merino wool can absorb and release considerably more moisture than synthetics. Due to wool’s inability to host odor producing bacteria, wool fabrics are not susceptible to odors commonly associated with base layer clothing.

Why Custom

Made to Measure

The main benefit of a custom garment is it fits you like a glove. You can forget about sizes, since you only need to undergo the measuring process once.

When your kapota has a perfect fit, your next one can be manufactured with finished hems and sleeves, eliminating the need for alterations.

Personal Touch

When creating a custom wardrobe, you can personalize everything from the choice of fabric, to the buttons and pockets style, lining color, and even lapel width.

All of your garments are created based on your specific preferences, fabric selection and style.

High Quality

At Sartoria Sacho we rely on the expertise of our skilled tailors in order to deliver high quality products.

The introduction of laser cut technology in our tailoring facilities has taken the reliability of measurements and fit of our garments to a superior level.


We want you to love your purchase, so if your garment needs some slight adjustments, we're happy to help. All alterations are complimentary on all garments, at no extra cost to you.


At our company, we pride ourselves on providing the perfect fit for our garments. If your garment doesn't fit perfectly and requires more significant adjustments, we will correct and remake your garment free of charge. This is our commitment to you, and we will always stand by our work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Custom, Tailored Mean?

Custom, Tailored means that the garment is made to measure, which means that it is specifically designed and crafted to fit the individual. With a custom, tailored, or made-to-measure garment, you'll be able to choose every detail of your specific design. The garment will be made to your unique measurements, ensuring the perfect fit.

How is your garment made? The age-old tailoring process.

There are many different ways that garments are made, but the age-old tailoring process is still one of the most popular. The tailor begins by measuring your body and creating a pattern based on this information. Next, they will cut out the fabric to fit your unique shape and size. They will also add darts and other shaping details to ensure symmetry throughout your garment.

They may also use special materials like lace or fine fabrics to create a more luxurious look or feel. In addition, they may dye or print specific parts of the garment using specialist techniques like silk screening. Finally, they attach buttons, zippers, straps, etc., so that you can enjoy wearing your new masterpiece!

How do I know if I need a Custom Suit?

There are a few key reasons why a custom kapota is worth the investment, the first being that it will fit you much better than an off-the-rack garment. Not to mention, your suit will be one-of-a-kind in both its measurements and design. This is because everybody is different and premade sizes simply cannot cater to everyone's unique body type. Additionally, it can be quite restrictive and boring to have brands dictate what is "trending" or "in style" - with a custom kapota, you get to choose your own lapel, fabric, and details!

The Sartoria Sacho Showroom Experience

The Showroom experience is one of a kind. Enjoy our signature old-world tailoring experience, where you can get measured by one of our Stylists, peruse our entire range of fabrics first-hand, view our sample garments, and be guided through our custom, design process over a whisky. Your measurements will be saved to your online profile, making reordering from home next time easy.
Appointments are completely free of charge and come with no pressure to buy. For the duration of your tenure, you will be assigned to work as a dedicated stylist.
The following is the schedule for appointment times. Please note the following is only a suggestion and appointment length might vary:
Individual Appointment - 45 mins.
Group Fitting (Excluding Weddings) - 1 hour.
Wedding Group Fitting - 1 hour - 1.5 hours.
Complimentary First Wedding Consultation - 45 mins.
Outbound Service (Travelling Stylist) - 30 mins.
Garment Pick Up - 15 mins.

What if I don’t have an appointment and I’m near the Showroom and just want to drop by?

Come by and introduce yourself, we'd love to meet you and do our best to accommodate you. Don't be bashful. You may simply come in for a fitting session or shop online if you view our example garments and textiles. Please keep in mind that if you come by without an appointment, there may be no Stylist immediately available, but you are free to explore our Showroom and learn about our textiles and processes.

How long is my appointment?

A 45-minute appointment is typical. The following is the schedule for appointment times. Please note that the appointment length may change or vary, and this is only a guideline:
Individual Appointment - 45 mins.
Group Fitting (Excluding Weddings) - 1 hour.
Wedding Group Fitting - 1 hour - 1.5 hours.
Complimentary First Wedding Consultation - 45 mins.
Outbound Service (Travelling Stylist) - 30 mins.
Garment Pick Up - 15 mins.

Does Sartoria Sacho have group fitting appointments?

It is definitely a yes! The more people, the merrier. There is a Group Fitting appointment available here.

Do I need to make an appointment at a Showroom?

We always recommend that you make an appointment first to experience our entire signature Sartoria Sacho old-world tailoring experience. While you are welcome to visit a Showroom and take a look at our fabrics and what we have to offer, there may not be a Stylist available immediately. You may make an appointment by clicking here.

What kapota fabrics can I choose from at Sartoria Sacho?

Only premium quality fabrics! Our kapota fabrics run the gamut of pure silk, silk blends with wool or cotton, and pure wool, and different thread counts. Learn more about the quality of our products here.

Do the customizations cost extra?

Not at all—all customizations are on the house.

Can you copy the fit of an existing suit that I have?

No, we do not duplicate the fit of other suits. We prefer to make a suit based on your body measurements instead!

Can you guys make clothes for bigger guys?

Of course! As long as we have your measurements, we'll make you something that's both stylish and comfortable, regardless of your size. After all, that's the beauty of custom.

How to apply for alterrations credit?


Does Sartoria Sacho have a store where I get measured in person and / or look at fabric samples?

Yes and we would love to meet you! If you live in or are passing through New York City, you're welcome to set up an in-person appointment at our showroom. To set up an appointment, please visit our showroom.

Make an enquiry

Your Sartoria Sacho tailoring consultant will meet you at your convenience in store. From the first fitting to the final adjustments the service is as individual as the finished garment.

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